Release Date:  April 28, 2019

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Impact, Influence and Income are the essential ingredients for building a business that gives you joy, serves people and has sustainable financial success that is independent of your labor. TC calls this a “legacy business.”

In “Increase Your Impact, Influence and Income: 21 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Marketing in Your Business TC Cooper shares 21 tips she’s learned in her career as an attorney and business advisor that will help you build a profitable and sustainable business.

About The Author:

TC Cooper is an attorney, best selling author and founder of the CooperZone Online Training Academies. She is an expert at helping professional service providers leverage the power of social media to increase the impact of their message, expand their influence within a targeted audience and diversity their income by matching the exact needs of their ideal clients with their business offers. You can learn more about how TC helps lawyers, business coaches, consultants and authors use social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Live Streaming, etc.) to grow their businesses at www.CooperZone.TV.